Heather Arbiter profile

Heather Arbiter  Product Management, Game Design, Consulting - Specializing in Gamification, Engagement, Loyalty, Community, Behavior Design and how to make things fun!

I’m currently freelancing in gamification, behavior/engagement design, and games, based in North Jersey (suburbs of NYC). Before that, I was at a start-up, worked as a game developer, and as a consultant in gamification and behavior design.  Currently, I'm available for work for (full time, part time, or temp).


As a game designer, I have a Masters in game design & development, 5 years of industry experience in casual games and how to make your games as accessible and marketable to wide audiences without compromising artistic vision. 


Outside of work, I love consuming art from our fine streaming services, kayaking, baking and decorating cakes, gaming, studying Spanish, and my family.